Tiffany is an executive assistant

She’s been tasked with finding an amazing location for a lunch meeting with a very important client — and it’s only a week away. She smartly decided to reach out to for help.

Tiffany had a few questions about how the process worked, so we put together this page to answer some common questions.

How does CakeWalk work?

CakeWalk is a pretty simple concept — we make finding and reserving venues incredibly simple.
We know there is a lot at stake, so we will walk you through the entire process.

Browse venues & add to cart

Search and filter venues by the specific requirements you have for your event.

Click which venues you’re interested in and create a custom list of your favorite venues for your private dinner, cocktail reception, semi-private dinner, or happy hour.

Submit venues

Once you submit your list, we’ll check each venue to see if they’re available on the date(s) you’re interested in.

– Response time 24 hours –

See all available options & pricing

We’ll let you know which venues are available and at what price. You let us know which one you’d like to reserve.

We'll reserve the venue & curate a menu

At this stage, you will also need to provide payment info so we can make the reservation. We’ll work with the restaurant to create a menu for you to review and sign off on.

We'll finalize your reservation

We’ll handle all the paperwork (contracts, credit card authorization form, menus, etc.)

At the end of your dinner or event, we’ll ensure the bill is never presented. Lastly, we’ll email you a final line item receipt for your company expense records.

Tiffany creates a list of venues for CakeWalk
to check on availability and pricing.

CakeWalk returns Tiffany’s list of
venues noting which are available and what price Tiffany should expect to pay.
Tiffany chooses her favorite venue
and we handle the rest!
Tiffany pulls off another miracle
and is praised for a job well done.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Think of us like promoters – we bring restaurants new business, and you reap the benefits.

We've got your back

People are counting on you to get the job done (no pressure, right?).
We'll make sure your event is a hit.