We make finding and reserving your next private dinner or happy hour a piece of cake.

Just click the venues you’re interested in. We’ll check availability and book your preferred venue.

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Search San Francisco’s best venues by location, budget, capacity and type of event.

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Find a venue you like and add it to your list. We’ll let you know which is available on your requested date, saving hours on emails and phone calls.


Once you’ve made your pick, we’ll finalize your reservation, sign the contract, and provide and fill out the credit card authorization form on your behalf. Finally, we’ll send you the receipt for your records.
We specialize in happy hours, private dining, receptions and semi-private dining events

How it works

Tell us your venue requirements.
We’ll search our partner network for matches.
You pick the place that works for you and we’ll get it booked.

How much is your time worth?

We save you around 3 hours per booking.

(Just think of all the things you could do in 3 hours.)
No obligation.

Q: How far ahead do I need to book?

For events within 1-3 days:
Email [email protected]/cakewalk or call / text (925) 555-1121 for immediate assistance.

For all other inquiries:
We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with your list of available venues.

We know where to go…

We’re locals with great taste (if we do say so ourselves). We’ve done the research and know the most popular restaurants and venues, plus some awesome hidden gems. We’ll ensure you’re set up at the perfect space for your specific event.

About us

Founder and CEO Nick Montana knows firsthand how time-consuming planning company events and dinners can be. Finding the right location, the right time, and the right price can be frustrating and thankless. He created CakeWalk to streamline the process and leverage his network of top-tier restaurants and bars in San Francisco. CakeWalk is the smart way to make reservations and level up your events.

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