Sad desk lunches – been there, done that, have the stained Tupperware. It’s a fact of this busy life that lunch in front of your computer is bound to happen – but it doesn’t need to be so womp womp (especially when you know your boss is off eating somewhere great… because you made the reservation). Here are a few of our favorite tips to uplevel your desk lunches from ? to ?.

  • Be salty. Keep one of these salt cellars on your desk and your coworkers will definitely call you bougie – but they’ll also definitely be swinging by when their own lunches are woefully underseasoned. We love this fleur de sel and this conversation-starter (in flavors like Hot Chili, Hibiscus and Mediterranean Herb). And these Maldon tins are great in a pinch.
  • Have a bowl. Ever tried to mix a salad in a cereal bowl? It’s comically frustrating. Stash one of these bad boys in your bottom drawer and never lose half your leaves to your carpet again.
  • Oil up. Speaking of salads, a quality olive oil will elevate that bag of TJ’s arugula from boring to bomb. These little guys are perfectly desk-sized.
  • Put an egg on it. A perfectly poached one makes just about any meal better. While you’re getting ready in the morning, soft boil an egg (6.5 minutes is just about perfect). Stash it in the work fridge and pop it out 30 minutes before you eat to let it get back to room temp.
  • That’s hot. Sriracha packets. ‘Nuff said.

Or hey, with all the time we save you, you might even have time to leave the office for lunch!