What would you do if you suddenly had 3 more hours in your day? No, we’re not wizards or lobbyists for a seriously expanded Daylight Saving Time – that’s how much time using CakeWalk to book an event saves ya.

3 hours! Imagine the possibilities. You could:

  1. Make a significant dent in your Sisyphean quest to achieve Inbox Zero
  2. Go down a YouTube rabbit hole and learn everything there is to know about Goldendoodles… and Labradoodles… and Scoodles… and Puggles…
  3. Swipe left 748 times
  4. Secretly binge watch 3 episodes of Westworld in the conference room you booked for your boss’s “very important meeting”
  5. Extensively research the perfect confetti cake recipe; order all the ingredients from Instacart; group text your friends to come over for confetti cake and appoint one friend who will actually execute the baking  
  6. Finally pack up those Revolve returns that have been sitting under your desk for weeks; order 10 more “options” for that wedding you‘re going to next month
  7. Craft the perfect “You Got This” Spotify playlist to perk you up the next time your boss is having one of those days
  8. Try to find out how much Instagram influencers really make; contemplate becoming an Instagram influencer
  9. Do a social media deep dive on your ex’s ex’s ex
  10. Or, you know, actually cross a few big things off your to-do list.

Ready to get those 3 hours back in your day? We’ve got you.